Why Should You Hire Wichita, Kansas Birth Injury Attorneys For Your Case?

If your baby suffers a birth injury, perhaps even brain damage, and you’re considering taking legal action, choosing an attorney can be daunting. While Wichita, Kansas, has many attorneys specializing in medical malpractice, they may not be qualified to handle your case.

According to medical malpractice Attorney Bradley J. Prochaska of PHP Law Firm, it is vital to find a medical malpractice attorney who specializes in birth injuries and has also handled many similar cases, such as cases involving brain damage, for the following reasons:

  1. Expertise – Similar to how you would want to see a cardiologist regarding a heart attack, it is recommended that parents of any baby injured at birth consult with a medical malpractice attorney specializing in birth injuries. Such cases are extremely complex, and if your baby suffered brain damage, they will likely need care for the rest of their life. The more well-versed your attorney is in the area of specialty, the higher chance you have at securing a better future for your child.
  2. Experience – Winning a birth injury lawsuit can be very difficult because the health care provider has a lot on the line and will likely fight the case vigorously. Sadly, there are even times in which phony testimony and other falsehoods are used in order to fight a medical malpractice lawsuit. This is why it is also vitally important to find a medical malpractice attorney with years of experience handling similar cases.


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If we decide to move forward with the case, our goal will be to help you obtain medical malpractice compensation that can help improve your child’s quality of life.

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