Garden City, Kansas Medical Malpractice Lawyers: What Are The Key Arguments For/Against Medical Malpractice Reform?

Many arguments for medical malpractice reform in Garden City, Kansas and across the United States started to materialize in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Reform advocates felt that malpractice claims were driving up insurance costs and causing a scarcity of healthcare professionals especially in rural areas. They also had a problem with juries determining the amount of noneconomic damages.

As a result, Kansas passed laws in 1988 that limited noneconomic damages. These damages were capped at $300,000. Then, in June of 2019, after three decades of arguments of unconstitutionality of countless medical malpractice lawyers, the Kansas Supreme Court finally agreed with them. Their 4-2 decision removed the cap on noneconomic damages.

Shortly after the cap was removed, PHP Law Firm partner Bradley J. Prochaska won a man a $6.55 million settlement in the wrongful death case of his wife. The jury awarded $5.05 million in economic damages and $1.5 million in noneconomic damages. This settlement is one of the largest in Kansas history. 

“It was an honor to represent Edgar and Zander,” Prochaska said. “We are proud of the outcome of this case, but there is still a lot of work ahead.”

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