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If you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice in Hutchinson, Kansas, you know the suffering you experience, both physical and mental, is terrible. We implicitly trust doctors to make the best decisions for our health so when that trust is breached through error or inaction, you feel betrayed. On top of that, living with the injury they caused ruins your quality of life. Even if you’ve found a dedicated lawyer, your medical malpractice cases can take a long time.

According to a study conducted in North Carolina, medical malpractice cases can take between 50 and 60 months from incident to settlement with an additional five to six years before the victim starts receiving payments. That delay leaves victims with unpaid hospital bills, an inability to provide for their families, or other expenses such as injury rehabilitation. 

Insurance companies and their attorneys purposely slow down the settlement process. This drains the funds of victims and their attorneys in order to encourage a quicker settlement. This assures a lower settlement, while discouraging the victim from pursuing their case further. In addition, the case type is so complicated that it takes more time to build evidence, contact medical experts, and gather medical records.

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