Wichita, Kansas Personal Injury Attorneys: Ethics of Discussing Client’s Medical Care

If you’re involved in a Wichita, Kansas, personal injury case and many other types of legal cases, your mental or physical health or that of a family member will be central to the discussion. In these cases, matters usually protected by physician/patient privilege could be subject to disclosure. Additionally, these claims may require access to your medical records that could contain information about your physical health, family relationships, sexual behavior, substance abuse, psychotherapy, sleep habits, even your private thoughts and feelings about certain matters.

In these instances, two important ethics principles apply. First, Kansas Supreme Court Rules on Discipline of Attorneys Rule 1.4 imposes obligations on the attorney to discuss the possible disclosure of confidential information in records with the client. Second, once records have been obtained, Kansas Supreme Court Rule on Discipline of Attorneys Rule 1.6 places a duty on counsel to maintain the confidentiality of the records to the fullest extent possible.

It’s important that your personal injury attorney fully discusses any disclosure of your personal information. They should also make sure you are fully aware of how the information will be used and who will have access to it. You have the right to know and decide what personal information is used in your case. This should be clearly documented in a letter following your consultation. 

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