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The addition of a baby to the family should be a joyous occasion where everyone comes together to celebrate. Giving birth is a delicate process, and it requires the combined skills of doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists and others to assure the health of the 2 patients involved. Unfortunately, due to errors or obstetric negligence, a traumatic birth injury sometimes occurs that negatively impacts the health of the baby and/or the mother. When this tragedy occurs, you need a trusted medical malpractice lawyer who specializes in birth injury to find you justice.

The primary victims of a birth injury are the mother and infant. The inaction or wrong decisions of a medical professional can result in a variety of devastating health complications for the baby. When health care professionals fail to deliver the infant in a timely manner, or improperly deliver the baby, it can result in: brain damage (Cerebral Palsy), bone fractures, bruising of the brain, nerve damage (Erb’s Palsy), oxygen deficiency in the brain (HIE), and wrongful death.

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The mother is just as susceptible to birth malpractice injuries. Medical professionals should be aware of certain symptoms during the birth, in order to treat the mother before complications worsen. When nurses and obstetricians fail to treat the mother, she may experience uterine rupture, excessive blood loss, placental abruption, hemorrhaging, high blood pressure, deep vein thrombosis, cardiac arrest, and wrongful death.

The health care facility should have enough doctors and nurses on staff to treat the number of patients admitted. These medical professionals must also have the proper training, education and licensing to appropriately care for the patient. Health care professionals may be liable for birth injury malpractice due to inaction, or for making poor judgements that affect birth results. This may include waiting too long to perform a C-section, or missing signs that the mother is in distress.

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