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Righting Injustices

Prochaska, Howell & Prochaska LLC Law Firm is dedicated to righting injustices by helping clients who have suffered a personal injury or been injured through medical malpractice. We invite you to read reviews from such clients.

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PHP Law Firm Client

This past year, Attorney Ryan A. Prochaska and his team at PHP Law Firm oversaw a wrongful death lawsuit that was filed by my family regarding our loss of my mother. Choosing the right law firm to deal with such a sensitive and important matter to my siblings and me was imperative. Having never worked with PHP Law Firm before, apprehension and concern in making the right decision weighed heavy on all of our hearts. During the process of getting to know Ryan and his team, we immediately recognized their compassion, patience and unmatched professionalism.

Jack Salmans, PHP Law Firm Client

Attorney James R. Howell makes you feel like family. He told us that what had been done was an injustice. He said, ‘That’s what I’m in business for. Before we make a dime, I’m going to pursue it, and someone is going to have to answer questions.’ Jim knows a lot about hospitals and procedures.

He recognized right away that procedures were not followed it the hospital even tried to cover it up. PHP Law Firm works hard to get to the bottom of things and find the truth. I would highly recommend Jim. There is no way we could have done it without someone with his knowledge.

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Jacob, PHP Law Firm Client

I was involved in a motorcycle accident, and the insurance company didn’t want to pay me. PHP Law Firm was very friendly and helped me out. My attorney asked for the insurance phone number, and he pretty much took care of everything. I ended up getting everything I needed for the motorcycle and myself. It was a good process.

Marien, PHP Law Firm Client

My son was about four months old. He would not open his mouth, he kept drooling and any time you would touch him, he would cry. I had already taken him to the Emergency Room once. At 2 am, they sent him home. We took him again the next evening at 7 or 8 pm. He was admitted, and after several hours they said it might be meningitis. They had a brain surgeon come in and draw the liquid from the soft spot on his head. He suffered seizures and two strokes. Because of it, he has mental and physical delays.

My family and friends would say, ‘Look for a lawyer who can help because something isn’t right.’ Because of this settlement, I don’t have to worry about how to pay for his specialized therapies since insurance will only pay for so much. When a certain cap is reached, they tell you that’s it, but that’s not all he needs. He needs a better quality of life. It will take time, but it will be worth it in the end.

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Emily Chester, PHP Law Firm Client

Attorney Bradley J. Prochaska and his team have been a part of our lives for the last three years. They have been nothing but reliable and helpful, answering every question we had, and walking us through each step. They helped take away the stress and worry we had during the process, making sure our family was comfortable.

We have no regrets for choosing PHP Law Firm. They stood by their words and promises. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for everything done to help our family and stand by what’s right. We will forever be grateful.

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E.C., PHP Law Firm Client

PHP Law Firm was very professional, caring, supportive and timely. I felt as though I was dealing with family. We worked out many very tough issues and the whole team was by our side 100 percent. We are so appreciative of all they have done for us. The settlement has made a life- changing difference for our little girl.

Kendra Meehan, PHP Law Firm Client

I absolutely recommend PHP Law Firm. I worked with Attorney Bradley J. Prochaska and everyone in the office for many years throughout my daughter’s lawsuit. Everyone in the office engages with you on a personal level. Brad hired only the best specialist to represent us at trial and made sure we saw top notch doctors for our evaluations.

Every time I had any concerns, he would call me and discuss it immediately, sometimes spending over an hour on the phone just to assure I felt comfortable when we hung up. I will always be thankful for how hard they fought for my daughter and we will forever be grateful.

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Michalann Allan, PHP Law Firm Client

Jakob has been my attorney and has been kind, responsive, and professional in dealing with me. He has always taken the extra time needed to explain any questions I have.

Carrie Kirk, PHP Law Firm Client

This law office is absolutely amazing, they are very kind, devoted, and work well with their clients. They not only show their professionalism but they show they care and have sincerity for your case.

Herbert Gibbs, PHP Law Firm Client

I really appreciate what Mr. Howell has done for me so far. Hopefully, I’ll get what I deserve soon, and I will owe it all to the PHP Law Firm. My family is grateful and would recommend everybody to use this law firm if you want your case done right. The best thing I ever did was hire Mr. Howell and his firm.