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Celebrity Medical Malpractice Cases

Every year in the United States, there are over 1.5 million patients who become victims of medical malpractice. Nearly 100,000 of these cases are so severe that it results in the death of the patient (Institute of Medicine). It shouldn’t be a surprise that celebrities are under the same risk for medical malpractice as everyone else.

Our medical malpractice attorneys know that negligence by health professionals affects victims in every demographic.

Julie Andrews’ Singing Career Ends After Throat Surgery
Julie Andrews is loved throughout the world for her career-defining roles in the musicals “The Sound of Music (1965),” and “Mary Poppins (1964)” for which she won an Academy Award. However, her singing career ended in 1997 due to the result of a botched throat surgery. Andrews won her medical malpractice settlement in court, but is no longer able to share her unique gift.

Michael Jackson Dies From Medication Malpractice
Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop,” was found dead in 2009. The autopsy showed that Jackson’s system was filled with powerful anesthesia drugs, such as Propofol. The physician responsible for Jackson’s care had administered dangerous levels of unnecessary medications. Jackson’s children lost their father, and his physician is currently being charged with manslaughter.

Dana Carvey Undergoes Botched Bypass Surgery
Dana Carvey made his mark on “Saturday Night Live” in “Wayne’s World,” and countless characters including the “Church Lady” and the first President Bush. In 1998, Carvey underwent double bypass heart surgery. Unfortunately, his condition worsened because the surgeon had bypassed the wrong artery. Carvey finally received the correct surgery and won a $7.5 million settlement.

Kanye West’s Mother Dies From Plastic Surgery Malpractice
Kanye West is one of the most powerful entertainers in the industry today. However, even he couldn’t save his mother from being a victim in 2007. Donda West was only 58 when she died due to complications following plastic surgery malpractice. The physician was unqualified to perform the surgery, and had two preexisting malpractice suits filed against him.

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