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Medical Malpractice Attorneys Against Cerebral Palsy Malpractice

Birth injury malpractice can have a devastating affect on the lives of families. One of the most serious results of childbirth malpractice is cerebral palsy. This is caused when an infant’s brain is deprived of oxygen during the birthing process. When this is the result of the negligence or action of a physician, then it could be a case of malpractice.

Our medical malpractice attorneys know the lifelong impact cerebral palsy malpractice has on infants and their families.

Cerebral palsy describes a variety of neurological disorders that impede muscle coordination, motor abilities, and body movement. This can include Spastic, Athetoid and Ataxic cerebral palsy, which all affect to various degrees muscle movement, posture, speech, balance, and depth perception. According to statistics, in the United States there are 2 to 4 occurrences of cerebral palsy in every 1,000 births (Mayo Clinic).

Infants form cerebral palsy at birth due to hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain), premature delivery, asphyxia (lack of oxygen to the body), and trauma during birth. While instances occur despite quality care and proper procedures, cerebral palsy malpractice is the result of physician negligence or improper action. Common causes of cerebral palsy malpractice include a physician’s failure to monitor fetal heart rate, detect a prolapsed umbilical cord, or detect/treat infections in the mother during pregnancy. Malpractice also occurs during the delivery when a physician fails to plan/schedule a cesarean section, the improper use of a vacuum or forceps, and delaying or improperly performing a cesarean section.

Cerebral palsy malpractice is a complex case type, which is why you need an experienced medical malpractice attorney on your side. Prochaska, Howell & Prochaska has the experience, personal care, and successful track record necessary to assist in your recovery. If you and your family have been a victim, please contact our medical malpractice attorneys for a free consultation. We are honored to serve your case!

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