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Why Hire Brain Injury Attorneys?

FAQ: Why Hire Brain Injury Attorneys?

Brain Injury Attorneys Wichita

People have many misconceptions about brain injuries. For obvious reasons, you cannot see brain injury with the naked eye. So you have to rely on how people act when they suffer the injury.  How they act is often referred to as the “signs and “symptoms.” If you fail to promptly recognize the signs and symptoms of a brain injury and get immediate medical help, you can suffer horrible permanent injury and even die within hours. Jim Howell, a partner at PHP Law Firm, explains things you need to know about brain injury. 

Signs and Symptoms/Imaging Studies

Many people believe if you sustain a severe brain injury from a fall, a car accident, or a work accident, you will typically see the injured person acting differently, walking differently, have slurred speech, complain of dizziness, complain of a headache and/or complain of vision problems. Many people also believe that if someone has imaging studies done of the head such as a CT scan, MRI or PET scan, the results will show a brain injury occurred.

Unfortunately, Howell explains, this is not always true. 

“When the brain injury is mild to moderate, many of the typical signs and symptoms are not immediately present. They may be delayed for hours or even days. In fact, you may have a microscopic brain injury without having any of the typical signs and symptoms that go undiagnosed for many years.”

“Also, brain injuries do not always show up on imaging studies. The damage can be so small that it is not easily detected, and the only way one can tell damage occurred is through psychological testing designed to identify deficits in memory, thinking, and processing”.


Head trauma is not the only way that brain damage can occur. According to Howell, there are contractable and congenital illnesses that can exhibit themselves through the same signs and symptoms typically associated with head trauma. Ailments such as cerebral palsy, stroke, brain aneurysms, and meningitis can cause brain injuries that may go undiagnosed for many years. 

What To Do

Howell advises that if you sustain a head injury or start to see brain injury signs or symptoms after an illness, you should contact a medical malpractice attorney who specializes in brain injury, like those at PHP Law Firm, right away. They have the expertise to evaluate your case and determine the cause. If you contact an attorney quickly enough after seeing symptoms, they may even be able to arrange help for you to mitigate the results of your brain injury and stop it before it progresses further. 

Brain Injury Attorneys Wichita

The brain injury lawyers at PHP Law Firm have decades of combined experience, a dedicated and knowledgeable staff, a database of medical experts, and a tenacious commitment to getting you the compensation you deserve.

We offer free consultations in which we will discuss the details of your case with you, evaluating your medical records, and walking you through each step before we decide to move forward. If we decide to move forward with your case, we will fight to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve for your brain injury, and we won’t charge a fee unless we win.

Please contact us directly at (316) 683-9080 to discuss the details of your brain injury case. We look forward to speaking with you.

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