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What Are Some Causes of Surgical Complication?

Most patients realize that there are inevitable risks involved with any type of surgery, whether it is minor and non-intrusive or serious and complicated. However, what many people do not realize is that surgical complications and post-surgery complications can be due to surgical errors or the negligence of medical providers.

Causes of Surgical Complications

According to the Prochaska, Howell & Prochaska LLC Law Firm surgery malpractice lawyers in Wichita, surgical and post-surgery complications can be caused by:
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While people usually assume their surgeon has performed the same procedure many times before, and has the skill to do so successfully, that is not always the case. Incompetence could result in an organ puncture/perforation or prolonged surgery.

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Insufficient Planning

Preoperative planning is very important but is sometimes overlooked. Prior to any procedure, the surgeon should review and prepare for complications, and nurses or assistants should prepare equipment.

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Poor Communication

A lack of communication can result in critical surgical errors, including making an incorrect incision (wrong location or type of cut) or performing surgery on the wrong organ, site or side of the body.

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There are times in which surgeons are not as careful as they should be, which could include delaying a needed surgery, using an unsanitary surgical utensil/instrument or using defective surgical equipment.

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Unfortunately, surgeons often work long shifts and must manage a high amount of stress. A surgeon who is fatigued or has even utilized alcohol or drugs prior to surgery is impaired, which can result in serious mistakes.

How to Proceed

“Unfortunately, your medical provider is unlikely to confirm an error or negligence on their part,” said Bradley J. Prochaska, a partner and surgery malpractice lawyer at PHP Law Firm. “If you have had a bad outcome during or following your surgery, it would be wise to discuss your situation with experienced surgery malpractice lawyers in Wichita.”

In addition to contacting an experienced surgery malpractice lawyer in Wichita, you should request your medical records, start recording details of your case, preserve all related documents and continue to seek medical care.


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