PHP Co-Ops with Rock Band Kansas for Tornado Shelter Fundraiser

The residents at Wheatlands Health Care Center in Kingman, Kansas have nowhere to go when threatening weather is coming. They huddle in the main hallways against the wall with their pillows because they have no tornado shelter. To address the problem, Deena Lampe, the retire- ment home’s Marketing Director organized several fundraisers. Recently, she reached out to the rock band Kansas for help. The band graciously donated 25 VIP ticket packages to one of their concerts for one of the home’s fundraisers. Unsure she could sell 25 packages for at least $150.00 each, Deena asked Phil Ehart, the drummer and band manager for suggestions. The band’s guitarist, Richard Williams, suggested Phil call long time friend Jim Howell for help. After visiting the home and noting the need for a shelter, Jim Howell purchased all the ticket packages and the firm’s partners graciously agreed to donate additional funds toward the shelter project. The project is well on its way.

If you would like to contribute to the cause, please call Deena at 620-532-5801 or drop her an e-mail at

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